"I don't get anything out of Mass."

"I don't get anything out of Mass" is something that you hear said by people who have quit going to Mass, people who go randomly, and people who still go fairly regularly.

Imagine that the church is in a tall building, and you and I are together in the elevator on the way to Mass.


We’ve got about 30 seconds together before the doors open.  What could I say to you in that time that would help you find what you're looking for, that would help you get something out of Mass?  A Moment Before Mass is the answer.

A Moment Before Mass is not the homily in 30 seconds - it will help you get more out of the homily.  It’s not a quick version of the readings - it will help you get more out of the readings. 

You want the homily?  You know where to go.  You want to get more out of the homily?  Welcome to Moments Before Mass.