Spy Wednesday

Spy Wednesday.  The name comes from today's Gospel (Matthew).  It's all about Judas and his betrayal of Jesus. 

But Judas isn't the only one who turns on Jesus. 

There's Peter.  In the Gospel for Good Friday, the rest of the Apostles abandon Jesus and (literally) run away.  But when Peter gets confronted, the "Rock" denies ever knowing Jesus. 

Both of them betray Jesus.  Both of them realize what they have done.  Both of them are sorry for doing it.  But there's a huge difference between them.  And it's what they do next. 

With Judas, sorrow leads to despair and running from Jesus, in the worst way possible.  Peter's sorrow leads to repentance and running to Jesus, taking the risk and making forgiveness possible. 

The direction makes all the difference. 

Readings for Today