Throwback (Holy) Thursday

So what on Holy Thursday is worth a second look on this Thursday?  Not the reservation of the Sacrament – not that it wasn’t important at the time to set up Good Friday, but that’s not what we’re going back for now.  What about the washing of the feet?  That’s closer, because it’s a part of the Last Supper, and it’s something about the Last Supper that we’re going back for now. 


Okay, so what’s the thing about the Last Supper that’s worth a second look?  The thing that’s worth a second look is something that doesn’t usually get more than a passing mention (if it gets mentioned at all) at the start of Triduum.  Because it can get lost in the middle of everything that was happening on Holy Thursday, Corpus Christi is here to make sure you don’t miss the fact that the Last Supper is the First Eucharist. 

Which explains why the Epistle is all about “one bread”, and why the Gospel is the “Bread of Life” discourse, where Jesus is anything but subtle about exactly what/who the Eucharist is.  More on this tomorrow.