Remember Holy Thursday?

Remember Holy Thursday?  Right before Easter, the Thursday in Holy Week?  Don’t feel bad, it’s easy to forget about Holy Thursday in the blur of Triduum leading up to Easter.


Because Triduum starts with Holy Thursday (Mass plus the washing of feet and the reservation of the Sacrament), then moves to Good Friday (Communion Service plus the Passion Gospel and the veneration of the Cross), followed on Saturday by the longest Mass in the history of ever – the Easter Vigil (Mass plus fire, deacons with giant candles, more incense, more readings, more music, more candles, more people, more Sacraments, and even brand-new Catholics), leading up to Easter Sunday (Mass plus more music and some of the best-dressed people you will ever see in a Catholic Church), it’s easy to lose sight of Holy Thursday.

That’s the “why” of Corpus Christi.  There’s something you may have missed on Holy Thursday, something that’s worth a second look on this Thursday.