Subtle as a flying brick.

If the Last Supper is the First Eucharist, this explains why the Eucharist is such a big deal for Catholics.  Not just because it was something started by Jesus (after all, driving money changers out of the Temple with a whip was started by Jesus too, and we only do that once a year), but because of its relationship to the “Bread of Life” Gospel reading for Corpus Christi.

Because we’ve heard the readings before, it’s easy to miss the tone – the warmth, the edge, or the wit (and sometimes even the snark) - of what Jesus says.  The tone of the “Bread of Life” Gospel?  Subtle as a flying brick.  Jesus is blunt and literal.


In the “Bread of Life” Gospel, there are no parables, no metaphors, no symbolism, no nuances – in plain language, we get two things: (1) this is what it is, and (2) this is what we have to do.  The connection with the Eucharist?  The Eucharist is how we do it.  More on this tomorrow.