Have a day.

This Sunday is the first in the seemingly endless string of numbered Sundays in Ordinary Time (438 to be exact) that show up on the Church’s calendar after we get done with the whole Easter-Ascension-Pentecost thing plus the post-Pentecost add-ons of Trinity and Corpus Christi (and, this year, Saints Peter and Paul).  I hope you like green, because that’s pretty much the only color that you are going to see in church until Advent.

So what’s the point of Ordinary Time?  Did the Catholic Church run out of ideas?  Was this all they could figure out to do to fill up the left-over months until the calendar re-sets right before Christmas?  


Dictionary.com defines “ordinary” as “of no special quality or interest; commonplace; unexceptional”.  But is that what the “ordinary” in Ordinary Time means?  More on Ordinary Time tomorrow.