Just an ordinary day.

We usually think of ordinary as meaning “of no special quality or interest; commonplace; unexceptional”, but that’s not what the “ordinary” in Ordinary Time means.  In addition to those meanings, the word ordinary has another meaning – “normal”.  Ordinary Time is means normal time.  The color of Ordinary Time is green - the color of life, the color of hope, the color of normal for the Church. 


But this Ordinary Time stuff is so different from everything that went on before, especially the high drama of Easter.  How does this relate to all of the Advent-Christmas-Lent-Easter-Pentecost stuff that we were doing? 

This is where all of that was going.  All of the Advent-Christmas-Lent-Easter-Pentecost stuff was pointing to this destination - to the goal of Ordinary Time.  More on Ordinary Time tomorrow.