...and then Trinity Sunday shows up like an ad on YouTube.

Just about all of the Sundays and major days in the Church calendar up to this point in the year have all been about events in and surrounding the life of Jesus (Christmas, Holy Thursday, Good Friday, Easter, Ascension, etc.).  They all have stories, and each them is an episode in the larger story.  But this Sunday we get…a theological concept?  We go from a narrative - with a sequence of events, leading to a disaster, then followed by a triumph; we just get started with the “and-here’s-what-happened-next” to the Apostles on Pentecost - and then Trinity Sunday shows up like an ad on YouTube.  You can treat Trinity that way of course, wait it out until things go back to what you were watching or (if you’re lucky) try to click through it after 5 seconds, but maybe there’s something worth your time on the Sunday after Pentecost.