The Word?

“The Word” means Jesus?  Yes.  The first chapter of John’s Gospel refers to Jesus as “The Word” (the graphic in yesterday’s Moment has some of the text).  

The word is also The Word?  Yes.  Just like the Gospel (where Jesus tells the story, and then explains its deeper meaning), the reading from Isaiah also has more than one level of meaning.  

Isaiah’s statement about God’s word is also a statement about Jesus (The Word)?  Yes.  Isaiah’s image of God’s word acting to do God’s will parallels John’s image of The Word acting to do God’s will (the only two places in the Bible where the word is shown as acting).  This is a pattern: Jesus’ actions in the Gospels are foreshadowed throughout Isaiah, often on more than one level. 


The point of the reading from Isaiah?  God’s word is fulfilled, and it is fulfilled by Jesus (The Word).  Sunday’s Gospel shows us what that fulfillment looks like.  More on the Gospel tomorrow.