Sometimes the answer is "No."

Just about everybody, at one time or another, asks God for something.  The Old Testament reading for this Sunday shows Solomon asking God for something.  Not only does Solomon get what he asked for, Solomon also gets God's thoughts about what he asked for. 

When I was growing up and learning to pray, I asked God for all sorts of things.  And when the divine vending machine didn't deliver what I wanted when I wanted it, I whined to my mother about God not answering prayers.  She patiently told me that "God answers every prayer.  Sometimes the answer is 'No.'"


So how come I didn't get what I asked for, but Solomon got what he asked for?  The answer (surprisingly - at least to me anyway) lies not with the Almighty conspiring with my parents to prevent me from having a pony in a two-bedroom duplex, but in the spirit behind Solomon's request. 

More on Sunday's readings tomorrow.