Parables and Miracles

Last Sunday's Gospel has a bonus parable, on people who hear and understand the parables about the kingdom of heaven.  Jesus compares them to someone "who brings from his storeroom both the old and the new."  Okay.  But we finished the parable series on the kingdom of heaven on Sunday, so why bring this up now?  

Because the image of the old and new together gives us the key to understanding the readings for each Sunday, and for all of Ordinary Time - continuity.  That is, the readings for Sunday are meant to be read and understood together, especially the Old Testament and the Gospel.  Likewise, the Sunday readings for all of Ordinary Time are meant to be understood together.  


Even the parables about the kingdom of heaven that we finished last Sunday and the miracle stories that start this Sunday?   In a word, yes.  It's not parables or miracles - it's parables and miracles. 

More on that tomorrow.