Literally Amazing

With the continuity of all of the parables of the last three weeks and this Sunday's reading from Isaiah, we know that the kingdom of heaven is valuable, needed, and joyful - and that we are invited in, without price.  

When people use the word literally, they usually don't actually mean something actually happened - often they are just trying to describe how something felt to them.  If someone says "it was so hot, I was literally on fire," it probably doesn't mean they were actually receiving third degree burns - just that they felt really, really hot.

So what about all of the superlatives on the kingdom of heaven?  Are these just less obvious versions of the way that literally gets misused?  Or is there actually something to all of this? 


Sunday's Gospel gives us the answer, God delivers as promised, literally.  To the list of what we know about the kingdom of heaven, we can add this - all of it is real, which is literally amazing. 

More on Sunday's Gospel tomorrow.