Words with Purpose.

If Isaiah doesn’t actually have the most prophecies about the Messiah, the readings sure make it feel like it does.  All of the prophecies that get fulfilled by Jesus in the Gospels?  Isaiah mostly.  The readings about the coming of the Messiah in Advent and Lent?  Mostly Isaiah again.

But the reading for this Sunday isn’t what were used to hearing from Isaiah.  It’s not a prophecy.  It doesn’t tell us what the Messiah will do or how things will be. 


What it does tell us is that all of the things about the Messiah in Isaiah (and in the other prophets, and in the Psalms, and…you get the idea) mean something.  Their fulfillment is no coincidence.  God is speaking directly: this is happening, these are words with purpose. 

More on that purpose tomorrow.