It's not a party, it's an intimate get-together

With the flow from parables into miracles, the Gospel readings for Ordinary Time work together to give us not only a picture of the kingdom of heaven but tell us something about the "who" behind the kingdom of heaven.

Not that long ago, the Old Testament reading (from Isaiah) made it clear that where the kingdom of heaven is concerned, we are not stuck on the outside looking in - but that we are invited in as well.  This Sunday's Old Testament reading (also Isaiah) tells us about the scope of that invitation.

The wide-open invitation is kind of like the teen movie cliché where the host invites a few friends over, who invite a few of their friends, who invite a few of their friends, etc., and before you know it, the intimate get-together has turned into a giant party - leaving the host desperately trying to get rid of the crowd of people before their parents come home. 


But unlike the movie cliché, the crowd of people is exactly what this "host" has in mind. 

More on Sunday's readings tomorrow.