That moment when you realize...

The Gospel readings for Ordinary Time start off with parables, a whole lot of parables.  As the parables progress, there are glimpses of the Apostles' reactions - not just to Jesus' teaching but to Jesus himself - and they are pretty impressed.  But there are also hints that there is something more going on with Jesus. 

It's kind of like when someone tells you about something that "a friend" did, and eventually you realize that they have way too much firsthand knowledge, and that they were really talking about something that they did.  The more Jesus speaks about the kingdom of heaven, the more it becomes clear that he also has way too much firsthand knowledge.  The Apostles eventually realize this, and it happens in Sunday's Gospel. 

They see Jesus walking on the water, rescuing Peter, then calming the winds, and suddenly it all clicks for them.  They have that moment when you realize just why Jesus knows what he knows.  

More on Sunday's Gospel tomorrow. 

Readings for the 19th Sunday in Ordinary Time: