Thank you, Gru stewardess!

Early in the formation program, I asked my spiritual director how I could be sure that God was really calling me to be a deacon.  He said there was no one way that God calls us.  Then he told me his story. 

He always “just knew.”  From as young as he could remember, he just knew he was supposed to be a priest.  For him, nothing else even sounded interesting. 

For me, I was back and forth between false starts and attempts to ignore God.  With God patiently and shamelessly repeating Himself.  Putting the clues everywhere, so even I couldn’t miss them. 

At the end, it was nothing like “just knowing.”  More like Despicable Me 2.  The part where Lucy sees the clues everywhere.  And finally jumps out of the airplane to find Gru.