What if I don't want to be rescued?

Sunday’s reading from Ezekiel shows God searching out the lost, binding up the injured, and healing the sick. 

That’s great - if you’re lost, injured, or sick.  But what if I'm not?  What if I don’t want to be rescued? 

In New Zealand, a sheep (named Shrek) wandered off and wasn’t found for 6 years.  With no shearing, his wool just kept growing.  When they finally found Shrek, he had 60 pounds of matted wool, could barely see, and had trouble moving.

Shrek the Sheep.png

Shrek became a local celebrity and was sheared on television (it’s New Zealand, go figure).  When they rolled Shrek on his back to start trimming, they didn’t have to hold him still.  The weight of 6 years held him down.

Shrek the Sheep shearing.png

Shrek and Ezekiel know (even if I haven’t figured it out yet) that even if nothing bad happens, eventually the weight of life itself will hold me down. 

Even if I don't want to be rescued. 

More on this tomorrow.

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