A Moment before Christ the King Sunday

Sunday closes the liturgical year with the Christ the King, a feast that shows us the end of things and the point of everything that Jesus is doing. We see the divine search and rescue, the Love that is looking for each of us. Even if we don’t realize just how lost we are.

But we also see what it takes to separate ourselves from that Love. We get the truth about Hell – that we aren’t supposed to end up there. Jesus also shows us how to escape the blessings that He prepared for us.

It won’t be easy. 

It will be a daily struggle against your better nature. To ignore the cry for help. To tune out the glimpses of God in every created thing.

But if you really want to condemn yourself, there is a way. Sunday’s Gospel spells it out. It’s not pretty.

And it couldn’t be farther from what Christ (the King) died to give you. 

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