A Moment before the First Sunday in Advent.

Everybody else is Christmas-ing it up big time. And has been since Halloween. Just when all of the green in church would finally make sense, everything goes purple. Why?


It’s the Church’s time to get ready for Christmas. But instead of Christmas stories, or even pre-Christmas stories for a pre-Christmas season, the readings for Advent start with Salvation and the Second Coming. And that relates to Christmas how?

It’s the “why,” the backstory of Christmas.

Especially the first reading. And the perspective it offers, for each one of us. If we’re honest, it’s not a pretty picture.

But it’s a picture that can never be separated from the point of the Gospel (and of Advent).

God knows all about our messes. And God loves each of us too much to leave us that way. Which means there’s a reason to watch with hope. Because help is on the way.

Pulled off the tracks.png