About a subtle as a flying brick.

Last Sunday’s readings were subtle.  The first reading (Isaiah) told us how to spot the messenger (“the voice of one crying out in the desert”).  The Gospel reminded us of Isaiah’s clues, and then let us put the pieces together to figure out who John was. 

This Sunday’s Gospel also reminds us of Isaiah’s clues, then shows John calling himself “the voice of one crying in the desert.”  And, just in case we didn’t get it, the Gospel also directly tells us that John was sent from God. 

It’s about as subtle as a flying brick. 

Subtle as a flying brick.png

That’s John. Sent from God. And about as subtle as a flying brick. Both the man and the message.

Which is why his message has so much impact.  But more important than John and his message is the One coming after John.

More on this tomorrow.

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