Is that a rhetorical question?

In Sunday’s first reading, David has a moment of humility. It hits him that he’s got a house but God (or at least the Ark) is in a tent. So he asks Nathan about building a house for God. Nathan (not checking with God first) says “go ahead.”

Nathan is? God’s prophet. Nathan’s job is to help people know the will of God.

And David? David is somebody who God calls a man after God’s own heart.

These are good people. Acting with the best of intentions. But when Nathan checks in with God, he finds out that his response…was his. Not God’s.

God’s response? A question for David, Should you build me a house to dwell in?” And then a long-form reminder of Who all things come from.

The key to all of it? God’s question…isn’t really a question. 

Rhetorical Question.png

And the point? On our own without God, even good people - acting with the best of intentions - can still get it wrong. 

More on this tomorrow.

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