Say “Yes” to God.

Sunday’s Gospel is the greatest “yes” to God in the history of saying “yes” to God. Why?

After all, Mary isn’t the only woman in the Bible to have a child under miraculous circumstances.  Not to overlook the whole “Son of God” thing, but there’s something else going on here.

When an angel tells Sarah she’s going to have a child, she laughs it off. 

When an angel tells Zechariah that his wife Elizabeth is going to have a child, he doubts it. 

But when an angel tells Mary she’s going to have a child, she wants details. And that makes all the difference.

Mary says “tell me more.”

When the angel does, Mary’s response sounds a lot like what her son will say in the Garden on Good Friday.  Which should be no surprise.  After all, He is His mother’s son.

Say Yes to God.png

More on this tomorrow.

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