Emmanuel is a verb

Sunday is the feast of the Holy Family. Also known as “What do you mean there’s church on Sunday? We were just there for Christmas.”

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Christmas is all about the Incarnation. It shows us a God who loves us so much that He is willing to become one of us. Just for the chance of getting through to us.

But even though the church still looks like Christmas, the feast of the Holy Family isn’t Christmas 2.0.

The Holy Family is all about Emmanuel (one of the names for Jesus). It means “God with us.” And not just in the sense of God being for us (although that’s true too). 

Emmanuel is a verb.

Emmanuel is exactly what God is doing. Not at a distance, But in the most intimate, vulnerable way possible.

Emmanuel is God in our shoes, dealing with everything each of us deals with. The good, the bad, all of it. From the very beginning.

Literally, God with us.   

More on this tomorrow.

Sunday’s Readings.