A Moment before the Feast of the Holy Family

Christmas is all about the Incarnation, which is more than just the birth of Jesus. The Incarnation is, in a way, a throwback to Genesis. Where God looks at everything He made, and finds it very good. 

And in spite of everything that each of us does to mess it up, God still finds it very good.

With the Incarnation, God is saying that He doesn’t just find everything very good when seen from a distance. God steps into creation to be one of us. And makes it personal for each one of us.

In the Holy Family, we see what God thinks about us. It’s not just someone who is fully God and fully man (Jesus) who God finds good. Or someone born free from original sin (Mary).

God finds ordinary people, people like you and me (Joseph), good as well.

Not perfect. Not sinless. But good.

And God finds us good together.

Holy Family Icon.png