A Moment before the 2nd Sunday in Ordinary Time

Some of us go to church once or twice a year, some of us go every week, and some of us go daily. In Sunday’s first reading, Samuel has all of us beat. He lives there. 

Being there can make it easier to hear God. But God is calling each of us to more than just being there.  

Sunday’s readings show us that God calls us in many ways. Sometimes it’s the voice-of-God-in-the-middle-of-the-night, like Samuel. Sometimes it’s someone saying “we found him,” like Peter.

God is calling each of us, and that call can vary from person to person. Because God loves us enough to call each of us in ways that we can hear. 

But God doesn’t just call people like Samuel who (literally) live in church. God is calling each of us. And it has nothing to do with our qualifications.

The Qualified.png