The cure for bad preaching

A lot of homilies are great.

But everybody has sat through a homily that felt like random parts of 6 or 7 other homilies. Or 20 minutes in search of a point. Or a good time to nap.

Sleepy Pope.png

Which is why the Catholic Church has historically had a (sometimes deserved) reputation for bad preaching.

When I was entering the Church (yes, I’m a convert), this was something my Protestant friends brought up. A lot.

How was I going to deal with the Church’s legendarily lame sermons?

So I asked the Dominican nun who ran our RCIA program how she did it? She had a one-word answer:



“What Samuel said when he figured out God was calling him – speak Lord, for your servant is listening.”


“I pray that right before every homily. I haven’t heard a bad one in 30 years.”

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