A Moment before the 3rd Sunday in Ordinary Time

In a way, Sunday’s Gospel – the call of the Apostles – is the real beginning of Jesus’ public ministry. 

But what about the Baptism of Jesus? Or the 40 days in the desert that ends with the temptation of Jesus?

Not that those events don’t matter, they do - both tell us a lot about who Jesus is. But those events are the preparation for Sunday’s Gospel.

With the call of the Apostles, we often think about who they are. Or what they do. But before any of that stuff, there’s something else.

Before Jesus calls them to do anything, Jesus calls them into a relationship. 

That call to a relationship is the beginning of Jesus’ public ministry. Because that relationship with Jesus is at the heart of everything that follows. For the Apostles. And for us.

Religion or relationship.png