One thing after another

“History, it’s just one thing after another.” Sometimes the readings at Mass can feel like that. This thing happened, then this thing happened, then this thing happened... 

just one thing after another.png

But how does any of it relate to you and me? 

The next time a friend of mine has a few extra dollars, she’ll be at Starbucks ordering something she’s never had before. Just because.

How do I know this? I’ve seen her do it time after time. That’s what she does. 

When we see somebody do something time after time, we get a good idea of what they’re going to do again. The same thing is true about the One in whose “likeness and image” all of us are made (where do you think we got it from?).

That’s why we get all of these readings about what God has done.

This Sunday’s readings show God calling people, and not giving up on them. Time after time.  That’s what God does.  Which gives us a good idea of what God is going to do again - with you and me.

More on this tomorrow.

Sunday’s Readings