Everlasting sin

Today's Gospel about everlasting sin is kind of scary. How bad is an everlasting sin, a sin that's unforgivable?

Actually, everlasting sin is not about the sin at all. Everlasting sin is about the sinner. It's about what you and I do after we sin.

Am I honest about it?  Do I own up to what I've done? Make amends to those I've hurt, and seek out the mercy and forgiveness of Jesus? 

Unforgiveable Sin.png

Or am I so lost in myself that I don't need to make amends to those I've have hurt? Do I reject the mercy and forgiveness of Jesus? That's what makes sin everlasting. 

Not making the same mistakes over and over, seeking forgiveness and trying again. And even failing again. That's not everlasting sin. That's our fallen nature. That's the human condition.

What makes sin everlasting is when we cling to it.

Jesus came into the world to save sinners. For those who come to Him, trying however feebly to let go of their sins, no sin is unforgivable.

But for those who cling to their sins and stubbornly refuse to come to Him, no sin can be forgiven.

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