I’ll never be happy again

It’s the most self-pitying post you’ve ever read. It’s so overdone you can’t stop yourself from reading it in a pretend-crying voice. Then you hit the line that sums it all up – “I’ll never be happy again” – and actually laugh out loud.

Anything that ends like that, it’s just begging for it.

I has a sad.png

Which is how Sunday’s first reading can sound. If we don’t know what Job is reacting to.

Job had everything going for him. And then, in a horrifying series of tragedies, his children are killed and he loses everything. His health fails and his wife turns on him. Then Job’s friends “comfort” him – by blaming it all on him. 

The first reading shows us Job’s reaction to all of that. When you know what went before it, Job’s “I’ll never be happy again” line actually makes sense. 

And it’s pretty depressing. But there’s a reason for bringing it up. 

More on this tomorrow.

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