Reality check

In the lead up to Sunday’s first reading, Job has just gone through awful things. All of the awful things. Short of his own death, it’s happened to Job.

The endless list of bad things - all happening to one person - can make the life of Job seem too extreme to be real. We’d rather dismiss it as hyperbole and a half. And not even think about it. 

Sucks to be you.png

Because if we do think about it, it gets obvious. We’re all just a couple of awful things away from our own personal “life of Job.” It’s not just depressing, it’s scary. So what’s the point?

Reality check. 

We’re good at distracting ourselves, at avoiding the obvious. But it’s where (in different ways) we all eventually end up – if we’re doing it on our own.

And the reason why we need what’s in the rest of Sunday’s readings. 

More on this tomorrow.

Sunday’s Readings