A Moment before the Epiphany of the Lord

Christmastide closes this Sunday with the Epiphany of the Lord. So what’s an “epiphany?”  A moment or event that reveals something about a divine being. 

The revealing of Epiphany grows out of the first reading, which at first glance seems like all of the other Isaiah readings from Advent. But there’s something different here.

Foreigners are included in God’s plan, and they’re bringing some very specific royal gifts.

It all comes together with the Gospel and its collision of cultures - God’s people waiting for Christ, suffering under a murderous tyrant kept in power by the armies of Rome.

Plus foreigners bearing the royal gifts listed in the first reading. 

And it's those same foreigners - who are at the same time open to God and so focused on God that they can see the signs - who end up doing the revealing.

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