The Baptism of the Lord

So I finally did it. I boxed up all of the Christmas stuff - the tree, the lights, the stockings - and put it away. Every last bit it. Or so I thought.

This morning, I spotted a wreath that got missed somehow.

Christmas Wreath.png

Today is the end of Christmastide. With one last special day, even the Church is done with Christmas.

But the readings for this last day don't call us back to the warmth and wonder of the Nativity. Instead, we get John baptizing Jesus. And the start of Jesus' public ministry, going forth into life filled with the Holy Spirit.

Because that's how the Church sees Christmas. Not as "one and done." Not something to do and then box up until next year. But as something to call us to that same Spirit in our lives. Every day.

I think I'm going to leave that wreath up.

Today's Readings