Part of our Tuesdays

On Christmas (and the weeks leading up to it), a lot of us complain about how the church will be filled with “CEO’s” (Christmas and Easter Only’s). We whine about someone being in “our” pew.

And then follow it up with something cutting about church being more than just a twice-a-year thing. About faith needing to be part of everyday life. 

Semi-Annual Worshippers.png

We need to take our own advice. Because it’s not always easy to make faith part of everyday life.

Going to church more than twice a year helps. But it’s no guarantee. No matter how often we go or don’t go, it’s easy to fall into the trap of leaving God in church.

The point of this season of Ordinary Time? To help us change our relationship with God. And escape the trap of leaving God in church.

Because God’s not just for special occasions. Or even Sundays.

God wants to be part of our Tuesdays too.

More on this tomorrow.

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