Camels, needles, and snark

Sunday's Gospel is a conversation. Between Jesus and a rich young man. 

Because it ends with the famous "easier-for-a-camel-to-go-through-the-eye-of-a-needle" line, it's easy to hear it as a snarky dismissal of the rich by Jesus. 

Camel and needle.png

But if that’s all we get out of it, we’ve missed the point.

This isn’t one of those “set-up” questions by the Pharisees. This is a real question. From a real person.

The young man asking knows there's something more. That something has come between him and God.

And Jesus goes right to the heart of it with His answer. Naming what's come between the young man and God. 

The young man’s response? He knows Jesus is right. But he can't let go.

Not by himself. 

The young man is so close. But he just can't bring himself to reach out to the One who can help him.

And when he finally walks away from Jesus, it's one of the saddest moments in the Gospels.

More on this tomorrow.

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