A Moment before the 28th Sunday in Ordinary Time

This Sunday’s readings point towards one thing. Focus. On God.

Sunday’s first reading really cuts through the clutter. It shows us why we would want to have that focus. And even what we get out of it. 

It makes so much sense. 

And yet, I still don’t focus. Not on God. Even though I know better. 

But I’m so stuck on myself, it’s almost like I’m focusing on…anything but God. 

Like the rich young man in the Gospel. He’s not a bad person. In fact, he’s pretty good. He’s so close to getting it right. 

But he can’t let go of the things in his life that come between him and God. Not by himself.

God is there, waiting for each of us. We’re so close.

And just like the Gospel, it comes down to whether we focus on Him. Or turn our focus back onto ourselves.

Focus on God.png