Hijacking my own thoughts

Buffering is the worst part of YouTube.

Something’s just getting good and then it stops cold. For however long it wants to. When it does, no matter how much you beg, whine, or yell, it’s still going to do what it does. 


Kind of like negative thoughts when they’re repeating.

They can’t be argued or reasoned away. Even if they’re not true. It’s almost like no matter how much I beg, whine, or yell, they’re still going to do what they do. 

So am I just stuck, like I am with YouTube? No. 

But it does take a little hijacking, of my own thoughts.

The moment I realize I’m doing it, I need to turn to God. 

I won’t even try to ignore my thoughts. Instead, I’ll hijack them. And make them my call to prayer. To bring whatever they’re focused on to God. 

Not to stop it. Or fix it. Just to be with me in it.

Which happens to be the backstory for Sunday’s first reading.

More on this tomorrow.

Sunday’s Readings