The Apocalypse™ Calendar

Next Sunday is the last regular Sunday before the Solemnity of Christ the King. And Christ the King? It’s the end of Ordinary Time. 

We’re almost done with the church year. Which means that the readings this week and next are all about the last things. Death and resurrection. Hell and heaven. 

The parts of the Bible that talk about the last things are full of allegory and symbolism. They are often misunderstood. Sometimes in amazing ways. As predictions of The Apocalypse.™ 

Growing up Protestant, it seemed like every few years somebody would come out with their own literal reading of these passages. With dates for different things to happen. But they never did actually happen. 

Which misses the whole point. The readings about the last things aren’t the calendar for The Apocalypse.™ 

Apocalypse Calendar.png

The readings about the last things? They point to something much deeper. 

More on this tomorrow.  

Readings for Sunday