So I went

I was on the way to church for a morning meeting. Trying to get there early so I had time to set things up.

And something told me to go. To McDonald’s.

I wasn’t really hungry.

But something told me to go.

I was planning to eat after the meeting.

Something told me to go.

So I went.

Almost against my will, I found myself in the drive-through. Getting a coffee.

I started to drive away, when I saw him.

Sheltering from the wind. Half-hidden by the dumpster.

I’d talked to him before. He’s one of the guys who stays out. Because he doesn’t feel safe in the shelters.  

Then I knew why I had to go.

Because he told me. That God had told him that His deacon would take care of him.

So I did.



I’m telling you this not because I want you to think well of me.

But because God wants to work through each one of us.

If you’re willing, He’ll send you where you need to go.

And for somebody, things will be better.

Because you did.

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