The best

We were making a pumpkin pie for a contest. One she wanted to win.

Which meant that it had to be her grandmother’s recipe.

She asked me to make her a crust. So I did it the way my grandmother taught me. The best way I know.

Pumpkin Pie.png

When someone means something to you, it’s easy to give them your best.

Usually, you and I just do that. When it’s someone who really means something to us. Someone who we really mean something to. We just give them our best. And they give us their best.

Let’s be clear, that best isn’t the reason for the relationship. It’s a sign of the depth and importance of that relationship.

Because we have that kind of connection with them, the best is just how things are between us.

And that’s what we see in today’s Gospel, the story of the widow’s mite. What God is looking for. From each one of us. Our best.

Not because God needs anything.

But because that’s the kind of relationship that God wants to have. With each one of us. The kind of relationship where God means than much to us.

Because each one of us already means that much to God.

That is what God wants from you. That kind of connection. The kind where the best is just how things are. Between you and God.

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