The crisis cycle

The daily Mass readings for last week and this week are full of stuff from the Book of Revelation. Striking images that are all over the place. Sometimes odd, sometimes scary. Sometimes even beautiful.

It feels kind of random. Yet it’s somehow familiar.

That’s because it mirrors the pattern of our lives. Take away all of the visuals. The images of plagues, and angels, and seals. And it becomes a lot clearer.

Andy Andrews describes it this way, “All people – all lives – are either in a crisis, coming out of a crisis, or headed for a crisis.”

Crisis cycle quote.png

Why should our life in Christ be any different?

And yet, it is.

That’s the point of all the stuff in Revelation. That our life in Christ is different.

It’s different in that, in Christ, the crisis cycle does not get the final word.

That is the promise of the Book of Revelation.

That there is hope. Because there is more to your life than the crisis cycle of this life.

That even though you and I are not home yet. There is a home waiting for us.

The constant presence of the crisis cycle in this life can make it hard to see that. Can make it seem like the crisis cycle is all that there is.

Which is why the daily work – and it must be done daily – of keeping our eyes on Jesus is so important.

So that you and I can stay grounded in hope.

Knowing that the crisis cycle does not get the final word.  

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