Her time is now

A Moment before the 4th Sunday in Advent

So far, Advent has been centered on one figure. 

The first week of Advent gave us the prophecies about him. For the last two weeks, John the Baptist has been the face of Advent. 

This Sunday gives us the same powerful images that we’ve been seeing about the Messiah, the Christ. But it’s not just the same-old, same-old. There’s something different here. 

Sunday’s first reading lets us know that John’s not alone. That there’s another forerunner. One who is literally indispensable for what’s about to happen. 

Sunday’s Gospel? It tells exactly who that forerunner is. And that her time is now. 

Mary and Elizabeth.png

“God’s purposes and plans are first revealed in a private meeting between two women on the edge of society.” – N.T. Wright

Sunday’s Readings