Come for Christmas!

The purple stuff is gone. And the Church has (finally) caught up with everybody else. 

There must have been some back-pressure from all that holding off during Advent. Because now it’s like Christmas exploded all over the church. 

What if you didn’t see all the purple during Advent?

Maybe you don’t go that often. Maybe it’s been a while. But you’re thinking about coming for Christmas. 

Yes, please! 

We would love it if you came for Christmas!

You can sit with me. 

If you haven’t been in a while, we changed a few words a couple years ago.

Mostly it’s nothing big, but that part where everybody says “and also with you?” Now it’s “and with your spirit.”

I got you. 

So I’ve got “my” (official) pew in the back. But for Christmas, it’s your pew too.

Just make sure we save room for this guy.

Pope Francis in the back row.png