Think about it

Whenever somebody greets me, I usually say, “good, and you?”

It works. Whether they say “How’s it going?” “How’re you doing?” or something else like that.

“good, and you?” Usually it works.

Last week it didn’t.

They said, “It’s good to see you.” I was on autopilot, so I said “good, and you?”

They knew what I had said before I did. The silence was awkward.

Not that I said anything bad. I just said it without thinking.

“Lord, I am not worthy that you should enter under my roof but only say the word and my soul shall be healed.”

We say that at every Mass. Today’s Gospel is where we get it from.

The next time you’re at Mass, think about it while you say it.

When you say it, what are you really saying? You’re really saying two things.

“Lord, I am not worthy…”

First, it’s a reality check. A moment of honesty. Understanding that we are none of us worthy of the gift that we are about to receive. Because that’s when we say it. Right before we receive the Eucharist.

Understanding that this is not something we have to earn. Or even can earn. This is a gift. A gift given for each one of us.

“…but only say the word…”

Second, it’s trust. An absolute certainty that God is good for His word. That we can rely completely on God.

Again, this is not something we can earn. This comes from the heart of the Giver. From the heart of God. A heart that we can trust. No matter what.

May God grant us the grace to think before we speak. And the peace that only comes from trusting in the heart of God.

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