God in stealth mode

Jesus is fully human. So at first glance, he’s just another person passing by. That’s why people are startled when they realize that there’s something more going on.

The something more? That Jesus is fully divine. Which explains the reaction. People don’t expect God to show up in their midst. Definitely not the way that Jesus does.

When somebody important shows up, it’s usually pretty obvious.

Like the grand marshal in a parade. You know they’re some kind of important. Because they get to be grand marshal.

Grand marshal.png

But that’s not how Jesus shows up. There’s no parade. Jesus is just there. In the midst of us.

Jesus is God, in stealth mode. 

Why? Because Jesus isn’t there just to smile and wave. Jesus knows (better than we do) the truth of what Job is saying in Sunday’s first reading.

More on this tomorrow.

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