I saw Jim in the hospital last week. He told me how many years it had been since he had been to Confession. He wondered if he had waited too long, if too much time had passed for it to do any good.

Today’s Gospel was written for him. Especially, the part about God’s mercy and forgiveness. About how they overflow.

I love to bake. And one of the first things my grandmother taught me about baking was how to measure flour. As any baker knows, you don’t just pour flour into a measuring cup. It might look full. But really, it isn’t.


To get a full measure, you have to shake it down. Then pour more flour into the measure and pack it together. Only then do you truly have a full measure.

That’s the measure of God’s mercy and forgiveness. It doesn’t just look full. It’s shaken down and packed together. It’s the full measure, by any standard.

And to that full measure, God adds even more. Until it’s overflowing.

That’s the mercy that’s waiting for Jim, and for each of us, in Confession. No matter how long its been.

So what are you waiting for?

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