It's real

Ezekiel’s vision of dry bones coming back to life in Sunday’s first reading is foreshadowing. And the Gospel for the 3rd Scrutiny? It’s even more obvious as foreshadowing. But that’s not all it is. 

Martha and Mary appear several times in the Gospels, with Jesus staying at their house. Along with Mary and the Apostles, they're some of the people closest to Jesus. They're almost like family to Jesus, and yet bad things happen to them.

I'm as guilty as anyone of thinking that bad things shouldn't happen to good people. And I'm deeply upset when they do. 

But bad things still happen, no matter what I think. Even to people who are loved by Jesus.

So the real question isn't whether bad things happen. They do. It's whether we want to handle them on or own or if we'd like some help. 

Sunday’s Gospel lets us know that help is available. And that it's real.

Lazarus come out.png

More on this tomorrow.

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