Even Lentier!

This Sunday is Palm Sunday. The purple is gone. Everything is red. There’s this upbeat procession thing before Mass. Finally, we’re done with Lent, right?

Not even close. 

Palm Sunday doesn’t back off. It increases the intensity. Lent gets even Lent-ier as Palm Sunday starts Holy Week. So what does that mean? 

Should I feel bad about my less-than-perfect efforts to give stuff up for Lent? Give up even more stuff? Make myself feel worse about it? Add some random guilt just to be safe? All of the above?

Miserable for Lent.png

Please. No. Stop. 

What it means is more Penance Services, more Reconciliation, more Stations of the Cross, more Rosaries, more Eucharistic Adoration, etc., etc., etc. Translation:

More opportunities to be forgiven.

More opportunities to reconnect with God. 

Consider this your engraved invitation.

Readings for Palm Sunday