What we do

There’s what we say. And then there’s what we do.

There’s who we see ourselves as. And then there’s who are actions reveal us to be.

Sometimes the difference between those two can be pretty dramatic. In today’s gospel, that difference is hitting the people that Jesus is talking to right between the eyes.

These are the important people, the people everybody looks up to. Some of the best in their society.

They’re glad to tell you about it. It all sounds very impressive. And it would be, if they lived up to it.

But there’s a reason that they have to keep reminding Jesus who they are. Because their lives don’t tell the story for them.

They may come from the best background. But you would never know it by the way they live, by the way they treat other people. Their actions reveal them to be anything but the best.

Jesus can see right through them. So can everyone else.

Which leaves a question that each of us must answer: who do our actions reveal us to be?

What you do speaks so loudly.png