Holy Thursday

I’ve always liked time-lapse photography. Where you take a picture of the same thing day after day so you can see how it grows/changes over time. If you only know the final form, it’s amazing to see all that goes into it.

Time lapse flower.png

Holy Thursday starts Triduum.

Beginning with the Evening Mass, the church turns into three straight days of special, once-a-year services and devotions. It can seem kind of chaotic. 

But it’s really not.

First, there’s a flow to it. The days follow the timeline of Jesus’ Passion and Resurrection. But there’s more going on than just a timeline. 

During Triduum, everything that we normally see only in its final form in the Mass? We get to see it in detail, through all of the special, once-a-year services and devotions. 

For the next three days, what we’re really seeing is the Mass in a series of time-lapse photos.  And it’s amazing to see all that goes into it. 

Readings for Holy Thursday.